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Igniting The Next Generation Virtual Summit

Igniting the next generation

January 15-19, 2024

Unlock the power of youth empowerment!

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Ignite the next generation is a transformative event designed to empower parents, youth coaches, sports mentors, ministers, youth workers, and educators to make a lasting impact on the lives of young individuals. join us for this extraordinary opportunity to inspire change, foster growth, and create a brighter future for our youth!

Igniting the Next Generation:
Elevate Virtual Summit

Unlock your full potential: empower - lead - thrive

Are you aged 11-25 and looking to make your mark on the world? Perhaps you're feeling stuck, looking for guidance, or just hungry for actionable strategies to elevate your life and leadership skills?

Look no further. Building on the incredible success of our previous Igniting the Next Generation Summit, we are excited to introduce "Igniting the Next Generation: Elevate"—a game-changing, free virtual summit tailored to shape the future trailblazers of tomorrow. This dynamic, interactive platform is designed to bring together young minds from all walks of life to inspire, uplift, and equip you with the essential tools you need to succeed and thrive in today's fast-paced world.

why should you attend?

Empowering Keynotes: Get inspired by industry-leading experts in the fields of leadership, entrepreneurship, mental health, and social impact.

Innovative Workshops: Participate in hands-on, interactive sessions that will equip you with actionable skills in areas like networking, emotional intelligence, and effective communication.

Community Building: Meet and collaborate with like-minded peers through various networking events and discussion forums.

Curated Resources: Gain exclusive access to e-books, toolkits, and other high-value resources curated to accelerate your personal and professional growth.

who is this summit for?

  •  Young leaders eager to make an impact
  • ​Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • ​Students looking for career guidance
  • ​Anyone within the age group of 11-25 seeking to improve their quality of life and leadership capabilities

Don't miss this golden opportunity to be a part of a community that is set on igniting the potential within you. Join us for a transformative experience that promises not just to inform but to Elevate.

Save the date, mark your calendars, and stay tuned for further details. Because your journey to greatness starts here, at the Igniting the Next Generation: Elevate Virtual Summit.

We can't wait to help you unlock the future you deserve.

For inquiries and early bird registration, visit our website or reach out to our support team. Your pathway to elevated living is just one click away.

See you at the summit!

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Meet your hosts

Tami Matheny Confident Athlete [square] png

Igniting The Next Generation Co-Creator

Mental Game Coach, Author and Co-Creator of the Confident Athlete Program

Tami Matheny

🌟 Discover Tami Matheny, a vibrant author, speaker, and esteemed member of the Jon Gordon Team! 🚀 Tami's not just a coach; she's a mental game maestro, guiding people from diverse backgrounds (and not just athletes!) towards peak performance.

🧠 Tami specializes in supercharging your confidence, focus, motivation, mental toughness, leadership, and teamwork. Her mission? To empower you to build a robust foundation of confidence and conquer adversity with grace and strength.

💪 But Tami's influence doesn't stop there. As a pioneering founder and coach of the world-renowned Confident Athlete program, she's at the forefront of transforming athletic potential into unstoppable success.

🏆 Witnessing firsthand the transformative power of confidence, Tami knows it's the golden key to unlocking success in every facet of life.

🌈 Join Tami Matheny on this electrifying journey, where every challenge is an opportunity, and every individual has the potential to rise, shine, and thrive! 🌟

Overcoming the Comparison Gap

Tami Matheny Confident Athlete [square] png

Igniting The Next Generation Co-Creator

Entrepreneur, Coach and Co-Creator of the Confident Athlete Program

Jeff Heggie

🌟 Introducing Jeff Heggie - the entrepreneurial maestro and success coach extraordinaire! 🚀 Jeff's mission is to ignite your biggest dreams into reality. He's not just any coach; he's a guide to optimal performance for entrepreneurs and a mastermind in the mental game for athletes.

🧠 It all starts with mindset. Jeff believes that transformation, whether personal or business, begins with the right mindset. This belief is the cornerstone of his coaching strategy.

📈 With over two decades of entrepreneurial experience, a rich background in the banking industry, and his insightful coaching skills, Jeff is the go-to expert for breaking through mental and physical barriers that limit success.

🌵 Jeff, alongside his wife Tamara, has roots in Southern Alberta but now calls the sunny state of Arizona home. For Jeff, family and sports are the heart and soul of life. He thrives on coaching and watching his kids, embodying the spirit of a true sports enthusiast.

🤠 Not just any sports lover, Jeff is a former professional rodeo cowboy with over twenty years of experience in coaching basketball. He blends this unique mix of experiences to create a coaching journey that's as inspiring as it is transformative.

🌟 Join Jeff Heggie and leap into a world where your dreams are just the beginning! 🌟

Daily Success Habits

🌟 Hey future leaders! Join Jeff Heggie in "Daily Success Habits" and uncover the secrets to turning dreams into reality! Ever wondered how some people achieve their goals effortlessly while others struggle? It's all about the habits! 🚀

Success isn't just about hitting targets; it's about Achievement and Fulfillment. Achievement fires up your life with purpose, but real joy comes when you blend it with Fulfillment. 🌈

Jeff has crafted the Mindset Journal and Mindset Questions to inject your daily routine with intention and direction. These aren't just tasks; they're your steps to success. 💪

Discover how:
- Simple daily habits can lead to massive achievements. 🎯
- Mindset Questions can prime you for success each day. 🧠
- Accountability keeps you on track towards your dreams. ✨

Success isn't a distant dream; it's a journey made up of small, consistent steps. Ready to chart your roadmap to success, one habit and one goal at a time? Let's go! 💼🌟🌍

James McLamb Ignite the Next Generation

Igniting The Next Generation Co-Creator

CEO of Generation Youth

James McLamb

🌟 Introducing James McLamb, the visionary founder and CEO of Generation Youth, celebrated as "America's Youth Coach." 🚀 With his expertise in Agricultural Education and Youth Development Leadership, James is a trailblazer in positively transforming the lives of young people.

👨‍🏫 As a premier youth speaker, trainer, and the acclaimed author of "Tomorrow's Youth," James possesses a remarkable ability to connect with and uplift the spirits of young minds. His unique approach resonates deeply, inspiring a new generation of thinkers and leaders.

🎙️ James is not just a guiding light in youth coaching; he's also the voice behind the record-setting podcast "Generation Youth," where his insights and interviews reach and motivate countless listeners.

🌱 Innovator at heart, James has developed groundbreaking programs like the Ziglar Youth Certification and the Generation Youth Coach Certification. These initiatives are at the forefront of youth empowerment, equipping young individuals with the tools and confidence to thrive.

👪 A dedicated family man, James embodies the values he imparts. He warmly invites you to be part of his noble mission: empowering and nurturing youth across the globe. 🌍

🌟 Join James McLamb in his unwavering commitment to shaping a brighter future for tomorrow's youth! 🌟

The Real You in a Virtual World: Building Self-Confidence Online

🌟 Join James, the visionary founder of Generation Youth, in a thrilling session titled "The Real You in a Virtual World: Building Self-Confidence Online." Dive into the digital age and discover how to shine with confidence in the realm of social media! 🚀

This dynamic and interactive workshop is your guide to transforming online challenges into stepping stones for personal growth. Learn to navigate social networks with assurance, going beyond the pursuit of likes and followers to redefine your self-worth. 🌈

We'll explore:
Empowering strategies to build a positive self-image online.
Tips for curating a digital experience that uplifts and inspires.
The power of positive affirmations in shaping your virtual identity.
Practical advice for a digital detox and engaging in mindful, enriching activities. 📱✨

Get ready for a journey of self-discovery and empowerment tailored for the digital era. Reshape your online presence and let the authentic, confident you shine through! 💫🌍🎉

Meet Your 2024 Speakers

Cleo Franklin - igniting the next generation youth summit

Cleophus (Cleo) Franklin

🌟 Meet the dynamic Cleophus (Cleo) P. Franklin Jr., a Houston-based powerhouse and the Founder and CEO at the forefront of innovation and leadership! 🚀 A retired award-winning agriculture global business executive and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Houston-Downtown, Cleo brings over 30 years of unparalleled expertise in catapulting start-ups, non-profits, and multi-million dollar businesses to new heights globally.

📚 Cleo is not just a leader; he's a thought leader, authoring three influential leadership and professional development books: "Coffee with Cleo," "Lessons from our Mothers and Fathers," and "Conversations with Cleo." His literary journey extends to co-authoring a children's book, "What Do You See When You Look At Me," with his son Michael J. Franklin, showcasing his commitment to future generations.

🎙️ As a charismatic podcast host and motivational speaker, Cleo captivates and empowers his audience with his insights and experiences.

🌱 At the helm of the Franklin Leadership Foundation, Franklin Strategic Solutions, and as the Chief Marketing Officer at Laddering Your Success, Cleo's vision is unbounded.

🌟 A passionate advocate for youth leadership development, Cleo is dedicated to nurturing and preparing the next generation of purpose-driven leaders. Join Cleo Franklin Jr. in his mission to shape the future by empowering today's youth and leaders! 🌟

Understanding the Power of Perspective: Three Steps to Unlocking Your Super Power!

🚀 Dive into the dynamic world of perspective with Cleophus (Cleo) P. Franklin Jr. in an exhilarating session! Perspective isn't just a viewpoint; it's the lens through which we experience life. It's about shaping our reality, crafting our dreams, and steering our journey. 🌟

In this engaging talk, discover how perspective acts as your very own "Super Power"! Learn how it can either launch you towards success or become a hurdle in your path. But here's the exciting part – the power to choose lies in your hands! ✨

Join us for a transformative journey where Cleo will unveil three simple yet impactful steps to harness the power of your perspective. Transform it into a tool that not only guides but also empowers you to create a life filled with purpose and positivity. Let's unlock your Super Power together! 💪🌈

Andrea Bitner Igniting the next generation youth summit

Andrea Bitner

🌟 Meet Andrea Bitner, the embodiment of inspiration and dedication in the world of education! 🌍 As a proud wife and mother of two beautiful daughters, Andrea thrives on the vibrant East Coast, known for its fast-talking, dynamic individuals.

📚 With an impressive twenty-year journey in public education, Andrea has touched the lives of students in grades K-12 from across the globe. Her diverse roles as an English Language Teacher, Reading Specialist, Literacy Coach, Presenter, and High School English Teacher, have fueled her passion for educational excellence.

🌟 Andrea champions a powerful message: Learning a Second Language is an invaluable asset, not a barrier! Her work transcends teaching; it's about transforming perspectives and embracing linguistic diversity as a strength.

💡 Through her engaging presence and insightful words, Andrea aims to inform, influence, and inspire not just her students, but readers and leaders worldwide. She's a steadfast advocate for all stakeholders in the educational community, driving forward a vision of inclusivity and empowerment.

🏆 Andrea Bitner's journey is more than a career; it's a calling to be a champion for education, advocating for every learner's right to embrace their linguistic heritage as a unique asset. Join her in celebrating and promoting this empowering vision globally! 🌟

What's your P.L.A.N?

Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey with Andrea in "What's your P.L.A.N?" 🌟 This lively and inspiring presentation is your roadmap to success, packed with four essential steps that will propel you toward your goals. 🚀

Andrea will guide you through the powerful mantra of being Proud, Loud, Ambitious, and Never giving up. 📣 Embrace the art of standing tall with pride, voicing your dreams with confidence, chasing your ambitions with relentless passion, and cultivating the resilience never to back down. 💪

This session isn't just a talk; it's a transformational experience that will leave you energized and equipped to tackle your aspirations head-on. Join us and unlock the secrets to turn your dreams into reality with your very own P.L.A.N! Let's make your goals happen together! 🌈✨

Chad Porter Igniting the Next Generation Youth summit

Chad Porter

🌟 Introducing Chad Porter, a beacon of inspiration and motivation in the speaking and coaching realm! 🚀 Hailed as one of the nation's most esteemed speakers and coaches, Chad has captivated audiences from corporate CEOs to fundraising executives, and from MLB and NFL athletes to college teams and their coaches.

💪 Chad's journey is a testament to resilience and perseverance. His powerful narrative of overcoming obstacles and tackling life's challenges head-on has resonated with hundreds of thousands over his 20-year career, empowering and uplifting countless individuals.

📚 His groundbreaking book, "Severed Dreams," swiftly soared to National Best Seller status, testament to its profound impact and Chad's compelling storytelling.

🏈 Endorsed by none other than Sean McDermott, Head Coach of the Buffalo Bills, Chad is celebrated as "extremely inspirational" and one of the best speakers ever encountered by the renowned coach.

🌟 Chad Porter's ability to transform adversity into strength and inspire action is unparalleled. His message not only elevates individuals but also ignites a fire of determination and hope. Join Chad in his mission to inspire and motivate, proving that with perseverance and a positive mindset, any dream is attainable! 🌟

Inspiring a Better You

🌟 Hey, young champions! Get ready to be uplifted with Chad Porter's incredible session, "Inspiring a Better You." Dive into Chad's journey of triumph over tragedy, a true testament to resilience and hope. 🚀

Ever felt like you're alone in your struggles? Questioned your worth amidst life's challenges? Chad's story is a powerful reminder that as long as you're breathing, there's hope and a chance to shine. 🌈

Discover how:
- Your scars are not just marks but medals of your journey and healing. 🏅
- You are never alone in your battles, no matter how tough they seem. 💪
- You deserve an awesome life, and it's okay to reach out for help. 🤗

Chad's talk isn't just about surviving; it's about thriving and inspiring a better you. Let's embrace our stories, support each other, and remember, we're all in this together! ✨💖🌍

Betsy Butterick Igniting the Next Generation

Betsy Butterick

🌟 Introducing Betsy, an extraordinary coach with a wealth of experience in DI, DII, DIII, and the WNBA! More than just a coach, Betsy is a game-changer, adept at inspiring both individuals and teams in diverse settings, from the high-energy locker room to the strategic boardroom.

🏀 Renowned as "The Coaches' Coach," Betsy is exceptional in connecting with coaches, supporting and guiding their growth and development. Her expertise as a Communication Specialist is transformative, enhancing team dynamics and fostering unity and positive progress at every level.

🎨 With a blend of professionalism and playfulness, Betsy's approach is people-centered and engaging. She turns development into a vibrant adventure, offering personal experiences and interactive learning.

🏆 As a life-long athlete and former collegiate basketball player (and humorously, a self-acknowledged 'awful golfer'), Betsy's competitive spirit is inspiring. Settled in North Carolina, she lives life to the fullest with her family, indulging in cycling, hiking, yoga, and the pursuit of the perfect breakfast burrito amidst beautiful sunsets.

🚴‍♀️ Betsy's story is one of passion, commitment, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Embark on a journey with her, where coaching goes beyond the game, igniting personal growth, fostering team spirit, and celebrating the joy of life's every moment!

Small Shifts, BIG Impact

Join Betsy Butterick in "Small Shifts, BIG Impact" for an invigorating exploration of how tiny tweaks in communication can create massive ripples in our connections! 🌟 In this vibrant and insightful presentation, Betsy unveils practical and easy-to-implement shifts that can revolutionize the way we interact with one another. 🗣️💬

Discover the art of transforming simple conversations into powerful exchanges. Learn to harness the magic of words and the subtlety of tone to foster deeper, more meaningful relationships. 🌈 Each small shift is a step towards building a world where every interaction is an opportunity for positive impact. 🚀

This session is more than just a talk; it's a toolkit for change. Empower yourself to make these small yet significant shifts, and watch the BIG impact unfold in your personal and professional life. Get ready to communicate, connect, and create a difference! ✨💬💥

Justin Furtado Igniting the Next Generation Youth summit

Justin Furtado

🏀 Introducing Coach Justin Furtado, the driving force behind BTG Basketball as its Founder, Athletic Director, and Head Coach. Not just content with shaping the court, he's also the creative mind and Director of Bridging Impact.

🌟 Coach Furtado's passion for basketball and leadership is not just a career, but a calling. He's committed his life to molding athletes into not just phenomenal players, but also exemplary individuals, embodying the true spirit of sportsmanship and personal growth.

📚 At Venice HS Boys Basketball, Coach Furtado serves as the Frosh/Soph and Varsity Assistant Coach, where his mentorship and leadership are making a tangible difference. He's a beacon of guidance, nurturing young athletes and instilling in them invaluable principles like teamwork, discipline, and character, transcending the boundaries of the basketball court.

🏅 Coach Furtado's impact goes beyond wins and losses. It's about inspiring young minds, shaping character, and building a legacy that lasts far beyond the final whistle. His dedication to the sport and to the development of young athletes is a testament to his profound commitment to the game and its future.

🌟 Join Coach Justin Furtado on this inspiring journey of athletic excellence and personal growth, where every dribble, pass, and shot builds more than just skills - it builds character. 🏀

Mastering Self-Leadership for Future Leaders

🌟 Embark on a transformative journey with "Mastering Self-Leadership for Future Leaders," a dynamic and empowering video session tailored for the leaders of tomorrow! Discover the essence of leadership that starts from within. 🚀

In this energizing session, dive into the depths of self-awareness. Explore how understanding your values, managing your time, and nurturing impactful relationships can shape your personal and professional destiny. 🌈 Through engaging discussions, real-life anecdotes, and actionable strategies, we'll guide young minds, like students, budding entrepreneurs, or early-career professionals, on a path to mastering self-leadership. 💪

Understand why self-awareness isn't just a trait but the bedrock of effective leadership. Learning to lead oneself is the first step towards a future of purpose, influence, and achievement. 🎯

Don’t miss this chance to ignite your inner leader and chart a course for a life of success and fulfillment. This is your moment to shine! ✨🚀🌟

Matt Matkovich and Phil Januszewski Igniting the next generation

Matt Matkovich & Phil Januszewski

🌟 Meet Matt Matkovich and Phil Januszewski, the dynamic and energetic duo behind M&P Presentations LLC, renowned as a motivational speaking powerhouse! 🚀 They're not just speakers; they're high-energy experts in cultivating confidence and radiating positivity.

🌈 Matt and Phil's mission? To ignite self-confidence, model healthy lifestyles, and spread an unstoppable wave of positivity. Through their electrifying presentations, engaging social media presence, and the captivating #TrainofPositivity short films, they're transforming lives one speech at a time.

🏃‍♂️ Matt Matkovich, an ultra-marathon runner with a passion for endurance, is also a College Board recognized school counselor, armed with a master's degree in school guidance and counseling. His resilience and dedication to personal growth are as boundless as the trails he conquers.

🔬 Phil Januszewski, a tattoo-adorned, Netflix baking-show veteran, brings his own unique flair as a high school chemistry and physics teacher. With a master's in teaching leadership and a certification in positive education, Phil's approach to teaching is as innovative as it is inspiring.

🌟 Together, Matt and Phil of M&P Presentations are more than just a speaking duo; they're a force of positivity, transforming the landscape of motivation and self-improvement. Join them on this exhilarating journey of self-discovery and unbridled positivity! 🌟

Improve Your Future! Embrace a "Why Not?" Mentality!

🌟 Join Matt and Phil for an electrifying session titled "Improve Your Future! Embrace a 'Why Not?' Mentality!" Get ready to unlock the secrets of growth and confidence through life's rich tapestry of experiences. 🚀

This dynamic duo will guide you through the thrilling concept of a "Why Not" mindset. Learn how taking calculated, healthy risks can sow the seeds for future triumphs. 🌱 Embrace the power of possibility – because every choice you make today shapes an extraordinary tomorrow. 🌈

Discover how stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new can be a game-changer. It's not just about taking risks; it's about opening doors to opportunities you never knew existed. 💪

Matt and Phil's session isn't just a talk; it's a call to action. It's time to ask yourself, "Why Not?" and leap towards a future filled with potential and success. Are you ready to take the plunge? ✨🎯🌟

Erin Pompa Igniting the Next Generation

Erin Pompa

🌟 Meet Erin, a visionary on a quest to ignite the latent potential in everyone through thought-provoking, educational, and deeply real conversations. 🚀 With her Masters in Dance Education from New York University, Erin is not just an educator; she's a catalyst for change and creativity.

🩰 Remarkable achievements mark Erin's journey: serving as the dance director at Rosa L. Parks School of Fine & Performing Arts and enriching minds as an adjunct professor at Berkeley College, where she taught the Art of Creativity. Her passion for dance and education intertwines, creating a unique platform for self-expression and learning.

🏆 A proven leader in public speaking, Erin triumphed in the Toastmasters Area and District 83 Table Topics Competitions in 2022 and continued her winning streak at the District 83 Table Topics Competition in 2023.

🎤 Using her rich experience in the arts, education, performance, and curriculum design, Erin crafts educational and inspirational presentations that resonate with both the youth and corporate sectors. Her approach is not just informative; it's transformative.

🌟 Erin also offers personalized coaching, guiding clients to craft impactful and engaging presentations. Join Erin on this exhilarating journey to uncover and embrace the full spectrum of your potential, one conversation at a time! 🌟

Awakening Your Warrior Spirit

🌟 Get ready to ignite your inner strength with Erin in "Awakening Your Warrior Spirit"! This workshop is a beacon of empowerment for teens facing life's challenges. 🚀

Learn to conquer tough times and rise above your circumstances with the transformative PAG framework. Erin will guide you through reshaping negative self-talk into a force for positivity, using gratitude and acceptance as tools for a brave, abundant life. ✨

Here's what you'll dive into:
Identifying where negative self-talk dominates your life and how to flip the script. 🧠
Understanding the powerful roles of acceptance and gratitude in building emotional intelligence. 🌈
Developing a personal practice to process and overcome negative thoughts, paving the way for resilience and courage. 💪

This isn't just a workshop; it's a journey to awaken the warrior within you. Get ready to transform your mindset and embrace a life of strength and abundance! 🎯🔥🌟

Jessica Villegas Igniting the Next Generation

Jessica Villegas

🌟 Introducing Jessica, the vibrant and high-achieving Founder and Coach at Hi-Lite, a beacon of inspiration and empowerment! 🚀 With her degree in Organizational Communications and Leadership Studies from UCF, and a Professional Coaching certification from Coach Training EDU, an ICF Accredited Institution, Jessica is a powerhouse of knowledge and enthusiasm.

🌈 Jessica's passion is more than just coaching; it's about unlocking the immense potential within her clients, especially teens and young adults. She's committed to equipping our future leaders with the tools and mindset necessary for a seamless transition into adulthood.

💡 Focused on nurturing the vulnerable at a crucial stage of their lives, Jessica believes in fostering confidence and control in young individuals. Her approach is tailored to empower them to navigate their futures with assurance and capability.

🌟 With a blend of expertise in communication, leadership, and professional coaching, Jessica offers a unique perspective that's both insightful and transformative. She's not just guiding her clients; she's illuminating a path for them to discover and harness their innate strengths.

🚀 Join Jessica on this empowering journey at Hi-Lite, where the potential for success isn't just a goal, it's a guaranteed destination for every young individual she mentors! 🌟

Creating A Pathway to Clarity

🌟 Step into the vibrant and exhilarating world of teen life with Jessica in "Creating A Pathway to Clarity"! This workshop is a beacon of light for those navigating the exciting yet often overwhelming maze of adolescence. 🚀

Together, we'll embark on a journey of self-discovery and direction. Uncover the essence of who you are, pinpoint the destination of where you want to go, and strategize the route to get there. 🌈 This interactive session is designed to bring clarity amidst the chaos, helping you carve out a clear, confident path for your future. 🎯

Whether you're pondering life's big questions or seeking guidance on your next steps, this workshop is your compass. Get ready to dive deep, explore possibilities, and emerge with a newfound sense of clarity and purpose. The adventure to self-discovery and clear goals starts here! 🌟✨💫

Dustin Galyon Igniting the Next Generation

Dustin Galyon

🌟 Meet Dustin Galyon, a whirlwind of energy, intensity, and passion - the very embodiment of what a professional speaker should be! 🚀 His high-energy keynotes and seminars electrify audiences by the thousands each year, leaving a lasting impact long after the applause fades.

💥 Dustin is a master in connecting with people across a spectrum of crucial topics such as motivation, team building, leadership training, and communication. His approach? A highly interactive storytelling style that empowers his audience to take ownership of the experience, making every presentation not just a speech, but a journey.

🌈 More than just a speaker, Dustin is an inspirer. He skillfully weaves personal stories, vivid photographs, and practical steps into his talks, not just to inform, but to be the catalyst for positive change. His presentations aren't just about listening; they're about transforming.

🏡 Alongside his wife, Marissa, and their children, Jackson and Savannah, Dustin calls Hesston, Kansas home - a testament to his grounding and relatable nature.

🌟 Join Dustin Galyon in his mission to inspire better relationships and positive change. Each of his presentations is an invitation to be part of something larger - a movement towards a more motivated, united, and inspired world! 🌟

Do You Know The Greatest Leader Ever

🌟 Join Dustin in an enlightening and uplifting journey as he unveils "The Greatest Leader Ever" in this heartwarming presentation! It's a session that transcends beliefs and backgrounds, uniting us in the universal lessons of leadership. 🚀

Dive into the life and love of Jesus, an exemplary figure whose teachings resonate with countless individuals. Dustin will guide you through how these timeless principles can mold and enhance your leadership abilities, regardless of where you are on your personal or professional path. ✨

This presentation isn't just about learning from the past; it's about inspiring your future. It's about discovering how to be the leader you were always meant to be, or becoming the one you aspire to become. 💫

Get ready to embark on a transformative experience that promises to enrich your perspective on leadership and life. Let's explore together and grow in our journey to greatness! 🌈🎯

Jill Hellwig Igniting the Next Generation

Jill Hellwig

🌟 Meet Jill Hellwig, a trailblazing best-selling author, an inspirational speaker, and a visionary coach dedicated to unlocking and nurturing the dreams and talents in everyone she meets!

📈 With over two decades of rich experience in corporate, non-profit, and community realms, Jill's expertise is vast and varied. Her journey includes significant roles at the then $12 billion giant MCI and fourteen transformative years at Ziglar, Inc. Here, the legendary Zig Ziglar himself nicknamed her “The Bear Hunter” for her remarkable skill in generating massive revenues, often surpassing targets by over 300%.

🚀 In 2013, Jill embarked on a new venture, founding Brand New U Coaching. This innovative firm is a testament to her commitment to empowering corporate teams, business owners, individuals, and families. Her unique coaching system has positively impacted hundreds, helping them realize their boundless potential.

💡 Jill's exceptional communication skills and her ability to connect with people at an individual level are truly transformative. Her approach ensures that every person she interacts with is inspired to believe that they can be more, do more, and have more.

🌟 Join Jill Hellwig on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, where the limits are just a starting point for achieving greatness in life and career! 🌟

Grow with Goals

🌟 Embark on a life-changing adventure with Jill in "Grow with Goals"! If you're yearning for more from life but feel held back by fear or uncertainty, this is your moment to break free and shine. 🚀

Struggling to pinpoint your desires or feel like your dreams are out of reach due to distractions or doubts? It's time to reawaken your purpose and embrace a life of significance. 🌈 Discover your unique potential, dream big about who you want to be, and start changing the world, one step at a time.

"Grow with Goals" isn't just about setting targets; it's a proactive and transformative journey toward achieving your true aspirations with peace and joy. Learn to balance contentment with achievement, bridging the gap from where you are now to where you want to be. 💫

Say goodbye to fear, apathy, and confusion. No more playing small! This journey will arm you with confidence and clarity. Dive into setting meaningful objectives, committing to action, overcoming obstacles, understanding personal values, and prioritizing your life for fulfillment and impact every day. 🎯✨ Let's grow your goals and live your abundant life with purpose! 🚀💪🌟

Patty Hendrickson Igniting the Next Generation

Patty Hendrickson

🌟 Introducing Patty Hendrickson, MBA, from La Crosse, WI - a dynamic and sought-after leadership speaker who brings a tidal wave of energy to her interactive keynotes and training sessions, captivating both students and professionals alike!

🎤 With a speaking career spanning over three decades, Patty has inspired over a million people with her engaging and empowering presentations. In 2000, she achieved the prestigious Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association, a rare honor held by less than 1000 individuals worldwide.

📚 Patty's roots in Career & Technical Education, coupled with her experience as a CTSO National President, give her a deep understanding of student leadership. She has trained thousands of student leadership teams at local, state, and national levels, making a profound impact on future leaders.

🏆 As an accomplished entrepreneur and award-winning association leader, Patty is a master of engagement. Her leadership manual, "A Leadership Experience," is the quintessential resource for student leadership teams, widely used and celebrated for its effectiveness.

🌱 Patty collaborates with organizations aiming to cultivate leaders and individuals seeking to enrich their lives. Join Patty Hendrickson on a journey to unlock leadership potential and discover a more fulfilling life! 🌟

Don't Cheat the World Out of Your Wonderful!

🌟 Join Patty in a vibrant and inspiring session titled "Don't Cheat the World Out of Your Wonderful!" It's a call to embrace your unique magic and let it shine brightly! 🚀

Forget the comparisons and tune into your own strengths. What are those special talents in your basket of gifts? That's where your true magic resides; that's where YOU sparkle! ✨ Patty's dynamic and focused message will energize you to appreciate and harness YOUR BEST. 🌈

This isn't about transforming into something you're not; it's about celebrating and maximizing your own amazing qualities. Patty encourages you to recognize and nurture your innate abilities, because the world deserves to see the wonderful you! 💫
Get ready to be uplifted and motivated. It's time to step into your light and show the world what you've got. Your best is not just enough; it's extraordinary! 🎉💪 Let's make the world a brighter place with your wonderful self! 🌟🌍✨

Maddie Cawley Igniting the Next Generation

Madison Cawley

🌟 Introducing Maddie Cawley, a former college athlete turned trailblazing young entrepreneur, who is igniting a fire of empowerment among today's young adults and Gen Z entrepreneurs! 🚀

💻 Maddie's journey is nothing short of inspirational. After just one semester in college, she decided to chase her dreams on her own terms. With nothing but a laptop and a vision, Maddie launched her first online business, an e-commerce venture, and skyrocketed to six figures in her very first year!

🌈 A true entrepreneur at heart, Maddie is a natural optimist with a deep-seated passion for helping others. Her story is a testament to the power of believing in oneself and the magic that unfolds when you dare to follow your dreams.

🏀 Currently residing in Fort Worth, Texas, Maddie thrives on traveling, playing basketball, and cherishing moments with family and friends. Her journey is a vivid illustration of carving your own path and achieving success on your own terms.

🌟 Join Maddie Cawley in her exhilarating adventure, where each step is a leap towards empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs. Maddie's story is not just history; it's a beacon of hope and inspiration for everyone daring to dream big! 🌟

Mastering Mindset: The Blueprint to Transform Your Future

🌟 Get ready to revolutionize your future with Maddie Cawley in her dynamic presentation, "Mastering Mindset: The Blueprint to Transform Your Future." Embark on an exciting journey into the world of mindset, where your thoughts become the architects of your success! 🚀

Maddie brings the power of positive thinking and goal-setting to life, showing you how to turn your brain into an unstoppable force for achievement. Dive into practical and easy-to-apply tips drawn from popular literature and Maddie’s own life lessons. 

You'll learn how to:
- Conquer self-doubt and keep your motivation soaring. 💪
- Cultivate a growth mindset that embraces challenges and learning. 🧠
- Set effective goals that are not just dreams but achievable realities. 🎯

Leave Maddie's session equipped with a toolkit of strategies, ready to chase your dreams and unlock your immense potential. This is your moment to shine and shape a future filled with achievement and fulfillment! ✨🌟💖

Travis Wilson Igniting the Next Generation

Travis Wilson

🌟 Meet Travis Wilson, a dedicated and passionate individual hailing from Salisbury, North Carolina. A proud 2011 graduate of Liberty University, Travis majored in Sport Management, demonstrating his love for sports and leadership early on.

🏀 During his university years, Travis showcased his athletic skills, playing three years of intramural basketball at Liberty. But his journey in sports didn't stop there; he further honed his coaching and mentoring skills as an Assistant Girls Basketball Coach at Trinity Academy of Raleigh in Raleigh, North Carolina.

✨ Travis's journey took a profound turn as he embraced a heartfelt calling to ministry. Initially hesitant due to the challenges he saw his father face as a preacher, Travis eventually realized the immense value and purpose in serving through ministry, despite the obstacles.

🙏 After a life filled with both highs and lows, Travis discovered an unwavering desire to honor, glorify, and obey God in his ministry work. His mission now is to make a positive, God-glorying impact on the lives of the next generation.

🌟 Travis Wilson's story is one of growth, dedication, and the pursuit of a higher calling. Join him in his inspiring journey to make a meaningful difference in the world, guided by faith and a commitment to positively influence the lives of others. 🌟

Identity In Christ

🌟 Travis invites you to a heartfelt and inspiring session titled "Identity in Christ," exploring the journey of self-discovery in a world dominated by social media. 🚀

In an era where digital connections often overshadow real ones, it's easy to fall into the trap of comparing our lives with others. Travis shares an enlightening perspective on finding love and fulfillment beyond the fleeting satisfaction of online interactions. 🌈

Discover the profound truth that true contentment, identity, and purpose are found in Jesus Christ. His sacrifice paves the way for a close, personal relationship with Him, helping us understand our true identity. ✨

Embrace the peace and love from Jesus, incomparable to any worldly offerings. This session is more than a talk; it's an invitation to recognize who you are and who you are, beautifully created in God's image. 🙏

Join us in this transformative journey to uncover and embrace your true identity in Christ. Experience the joy of knowing yourself through His eyes! 💫🌍💖

Brandon Baumgarten Igniting the Next Generation

Brandon Baumgarten 

🌟 Brandon Baumgarten, hailing from Oilton, Oklahoma, is a beacon of leadership and inspiration. In 2011, his exceptional qualities propelled him to key roles in the Oklahoma FFA Association as State Secretary, State President, and National Officer Candidate, impacting nearly 25,000 students.

📚 During his tenure at Oklahoma State University, Brandon authored the leadership book "Caught Up & Called Out," securing a publishing deal with Barnes and Noble as just a junior. His literary journey continued with his second book, "The Habitat for Holiness."

🎤 A sought-after interview coach, award-winning singer, youth pastor, and leadership trainer, Brandon has trained over 700 teams and addressed nearly 1,000 audiences nationwide since 2013. Along with his wife April and their two daughters, they reside in Oklahoma, spreading a message of engagement, encouragement, and empowerment.

🌈 Brandon's philosophy is simple yet profound: to help you realize that you were made for more. A certified Generation Youth and Ziglar Legacy trainer, he's also a key member of the Generation Youth speaking team.

🌟 Brandon Baumgarten's journey from a small town to a national stage is a testament to the power of determination and leadership, inspiring others to unlock their full potential. 🌟

Finding Your ETA

🌟 Attention, young trailblazers! Get ready for an empowering journey with Brandon Baumgarten in "Finding Your ETA." Imagine having a roadmap to navigate and curb bullying in your life – this session is just that! 🚀

Bullying is a big challenge, but guess what? You have the power to make a difference in your school and community. Brandon, a professional speaker and leadership coach, will share three simple yet impactful steps to tackle bullying. 🌈

Here's what you'll learn:
- Effective strategies to stand up against bullying. 💪
- How to create a safe and supportive environment for everyone. 🤝
- Practical tips to empower yourself and others against bullying. 🎯

Brandon's talk is more than just advice; it's a call to action. Set your ETA (Estimated Time of Action) to start making changes today. Let's join forces to create a bully-free world! ✨🌍🤗

Amy P Kelly Igniting the Next Generation

Amy P. Kelly

🌟 Amy P. Kelly is a dynamic leadership coach and HR expert, passionately helping individuals and organizations achieve their leadership potential. With her belief in people's inherent capabilities, Amy excels in human resources and development, driving impactful business results.

🚀 An acclaimed executive in HR and learning, Amy specializes in crafting award-winning leadership programs and cultivating winning workplace cultures. A certified consultant and executive coach, she's adept at nurturing exceptional talent and creating fun, results-driven environments.

🎓 A graduate of George Mason University's Leadership Coaching Program, Amy's initiatives challenge leaders to embrace growth and adaptability. She's a skilled facilitator in leadership wellness and emotional intelligence.

✨ As Vice President of Consulting for The Jon Gordon Companies and co-author of "The Energy Bus Field Guide," Amy infuses positivity in life, work, and team dynamics. She's also the creative force behind “The Lemon Lessons Program,” fostering entrepreneurial mindsets.

📖 Author of "G.L.U.E. A Leadership Development Strategy to Bond and Unite," Amy offers insights on building unity and trust, crucial for any leader aiming for impactful change.

🌟 Beyond her professional pursuits, Amy's passion for leadership shines at home and in her community. Join her in empowering leaders and organizations to reach new heights of success! 🌟

Don't Look for a Fight, Bond and Unite: How to Create Unity As the Leader of Your Life.

🌟 Hey, young leaders! Dive into Amy P. Kelly's session, "Don’t Look for a Fight, Bond and Unite," and unlock the secrets to building unity and peace in your relationships! 🚀

Ever felt angry at someone? Felt betrayed or confused when a friend or teammate walked away? Made a mistake and didn't know how to fix things? You're not alone! Amy, an HR executive, executive coach, author, and just like you, a human being, is here to share her wisdom. 🌈

Learn how to:
Navigate through disagreements and letdowns in friendships and teams. 🤝
Boost your leadership and team-building skills while spreading joy. 😊
Transform conflicts into opportunities for bonding and understanding. 💪

Amy's session is more than just a talk; it's a toolkit for creating harmony in all areas of your life. Get ready to master the art of unity, and remember, it's about coming together, not clashing! ✨🌍🤗

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The Confident Athlete

4 Easy Steps to Build and Maintain Confidence

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Mindset Journal

Prime Your Day for Success

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